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WINNING ELECTRICAL CO., LIMITED started the business from 2003, specializing in the design, solution, manufacturing and export of power transmission and distribution line products, including composite insulators, HDPE Insulators, HDPE Cable Spacer, Porcelain Insulators, Railway Insulators, Fuse Cutout, Surge Arrester, Overhead Line Fittings and Insulator Fittings, epoxy fiberglass products.

In 2010, we worked on and developed HDPE Products including HDPE Pin Insulators, HDPE Cable Spacers and HDPE Spool Insulators.  Up to 2014, we have exported at least 370,000PCS HDPE Pin Insulators and the quantity is still increasing. Besides, WINNING is able to produce composite insulators up to 765kV (Test Report available for 765kV Long Rod Suspension Insulator), while porcelain insulators up to 2250kV BIL.

WINNING’s products are qualified and tested, certified by KEMA, LAPEM, China Electric Power Research Institute, Quality Inspection and Test Center for Equipment of Electric Power, National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Insulator & Surge Arrester, as well as other Third-Party Inspection Body such as SGS, BV, and inspection executed by appointed engineers from the clients.

SOLUTION, QUALITY, COOPERATION is always WINNING’s principle; we look forward to meeting the opportunities and challenges together with new customers and old partners to increase both reputations in the Power T&D Line business field.    

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