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Winning WPI-53-2 Spool Insulators are produced of a proprietary high density polyethylene, which features good track resistance, greater leakage distance, higher flashover and impulse values, as well as other superior mechanical performances such as lighter weight, anti-crack etc. 

They are mounted to the pole using various clevis confirguations and are compatible with all manufacturers' designs. They are shaped like spinning spools, which allow them to hold wires in place, and keep them from slipping off. These HDPE Spool Insulators are designed, manufactured and tested to the spool insulator requirements of ANSI Standard C29.3.


Insulator Type: Spool Insulator

Materials: High Density Polyethylene

Hole Size: 11/16 In.

Diameter * Length: 3.13 in * 3.00 in

Wire Grooves: (1) 11/16 in. R

ANSI Class: 53-2

Low Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage: 25kV

Low Frequency Wet Flashover Voltage Vertical/Horizontal: 12/15kV

Lb/C: 120


HDPE Spool Insuators are suitable to REPLACE porcelain spool insulators in distribution lines, which are used in conjuction with Secondary Clevis Hardware Products to insulator and/or deadend secondary voltage conductors.

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