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A silicone polymer line post insulator mainly consists of a core rod (ECR type or FRP type), silicone rubber housing and metal end fittings. Usually, polymer line post insulators are mounted to a supporting structure such as wooden/steel pole or tower through an additional base. WINNING® supplies line post insulators with FOUR core sizes for distribution line applications from 15kV to 69kV, and FIVE mold sizes for transmission line applications of various voltage levels from 69kV up to 500kV.

Core- Made of high-quality Pultruded Epoxy Rod (ECR type).

End Fittings- Ductile Iron after Hot Dip Galvanization in accordance with IEC & ASTM standard.

Base- They are mainly Rigid Curved Base, Bendable Curved Base (also called as Gain Base) and Flat Base (Steel Channel), Flange Base and Stud Base (for insulators below 69kV).

Silicone Rubber Housing- HTV Silicone Rubber made of high quality raw materials.

Corona Ring- Made of High-grade Aluminum Alloy.

Sealing- Juncture between end fitting and Core rod is totally embedded in HTV silicon rubber, eliminating conventional and traditional sealing defects. (The other type is available that use RTV Silicone Sealant to seal the juncture between end fitting and core rod.)

Pin Type Line Post Insulators: Simple Tie Top, F Neck Cap type; 15kV to 35kV distribution line.

Vertical Line Post Insulators: Vertical Top Clamp, K-Clamp;

Horizontal Line Post Insulators: Horizontal Top Clamp, Two-Hole Blade (Drop Tongue)

Brace Line Post Insulator: Combination of Silicone Polymer Long Rod Suspension Insulator and Silicone Polymer Horizontal Line Post Insulator.

For more infomation of Composite Line Post Insulators, please go to DOWNLOAD.

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