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HDPE Cable Spacer (High Density Polyethylene Cable Spacer)

WINNING® HDPE Cable Spacers are produced of a proprietary track-resistant high density polyethylene. They are designed for use on overhead electrical distribution system, both compacted and conventional aerial networks, from 15kV up to 35kV. Three-phase HDPE Cable Spacers support, separate and clamp the conductors in a triangular configuration.

WINNING® is currently producing and exporting (Three-Phase and Four-Phase) 15kV, 25kV and 35kV HDPE Cable Spacers, but is also able to design and produce Singe Phase Cable Spacers upon request!

Benefits of using HDPE Cable Spacers

1. Lighter Weight; Excellent Hydrophobicity.

2. Easy Installation, Transportation and Storage.

3. Economic, Low Maintenance, Long Life Span.

4. High Resistance to Shock, Impact, Fire.

5. Long Leakage Distance to Resist Flashover.

6. Can be installed with other hot line tools; and other benefits.

For more infomation of our HDPE Cable Spacers, please go to DOWNLOAD.

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