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Splicing Fittings

Splicing fittings are mainly used for splicing or repairing conductors and ground wires of overhead transmission lines. WINNING® supplies superior quality splicing fittings to confirm stable and safe operation.

Scope (Drawings are listed in the catalogue, please go to DOWNLOAD)

1:JY-G Splicing Sleeves for Steel Wire (Hydraulic Compression)

2:JBD-G Splicing Sleeves for Steel Wire (Explosive Overlap Joint)

3:JY-L Splicing Sleeves for Aluminum Conductor

4:JYD-BG Splicing Sleeve for ACSR/AS Conductor (Hydraulic Compression)

5:JYD-BG Splicing Sleeve for Steel Stranded Wire (Hydraulic Compression)

6:JY Splicing Sleeves

7:JYD Splicing Sleeves

8:JTB Splicing Sleeves for ACSR Conductor (Explosive Overlap Joint)

9:JT, JTL Splicing Sleeves for Conductor (Compression with Plicers)

10:JX Repair Sleeves for ACSR, AAC, AAAC Conductor

11:JB type Parallel Groove Clamps for AAC and ACSR Conductor

12:JBB type Parallel Groove Clamps for Steel Stranded Wire

13:JBG type Parallel Groove Clamps

14:JBT type JBT Aluminum Copper Parallel-Groove Clamp

15:JYT Jumper Connectors (Hydraulic Compression type)

16:JBX Wedge Parallel Groove Clamp (Ejection type)

17:JBS-Parallel Groove Clamp (Compression type)

18:JCT C-Shape Copper Wire Clamp (Compression type)

19:JCT C-Shape Aluminum Wire Clamp (Compression type)

20:JH-Parallel Groove Clamp (Compression type)

21:Connectors for 4-2 Bundle Conductors

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